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What helps you juggle work and family? What's your favorite quick stress reducer? Have you found a way to squeeze in some 'me' time into your busy schedule? Share your tips!


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  • It's allergy (and pink eye!) season again. If your child needs drops (or goopy ointment), try applying them to the skin on the corner of their eye, right by the bridge of their nose. Wait a moment for the heat of your child's skin to liquify the medication, then tilt your child's head so the medicine runs into their eye. When they blink, it'll go in with minimal mess (and fuss).

    by Lylah M. Alphonse on 30th March 2009
  • Planning at least ONE adventure day a month for me and my gets us both out of the house and trying new things.

    by Deanna Leigh on 10th March 2009
  • I've started planning out a few dinners a week in advance and it's really cutting down on the dinner-time anxiety level. Not a full-blown meal plan, but on Sun night I write down 3-4 things I am going to make and put the ingredients on the shopping list.

    by Nataly on 23rd April 2009
  • I give myself a 5-10 minute coffee break. I tell my son that I am going to have a cup of coffee and that for those 5 minutes he needs to play by himself and I will not be responding to his questions. I make myself a really nice cup of coffee, make a small sandwich or grab a cookie and go to a favorite site or grab a magazine. I find that it only takes a few moments of this designated "me" time and loose the irritation and almost miss my son again.

    by Maria O on 10th December 2008
  • Right now I'm loving my heated neck wrap. The clove scent is calming and the warmth on my shoulders melts away all the tension from a tough work day.

    by PRMomAZ on 8th December 2008
  • Realize it's okay to say no! Sounds simple, but it's easy to overcommit.

    by piepie on 17th July 2008
  • I've taken to getting my hair cut at night - and I LOVE it! I get to eat with the family, put my daughter to bed, and sneak out to the salon for a glass of wine, girl talk and pampering. (our local Aveda salon is open 'til 10 each night!!) My appt. is at 8:30 and I'm home by 10, looking good and feeling better. I know it's a waste to sleep on a newly coiffed head of hair, but I love the ME time and don't have to waste a Saturday!

    by VolunteerMom on 4th December 2008
  • I spent $300 on a little freezer so I could cook our favorite casseroles ahead of time and freeze them! I also am now able to buy more meat and poultry when I find it on sale.

    by JenX on 7th July 2008