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Slacker Moms vs Alpha Moms

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Just when you think that the infamous mommy wars between SAHMS and WOHMs are losing steam, the media comes up with another type of apparent conflict and difference between moms: Slacker Moms vs. Alpha Moms.

From the article:

The original Mommy Wars focused on the ideological battle between stay-at-home mothers and mothers in the workforce. This newest skirmish is more about personal parenting styles.

Alphas are educated, can-do types whose organizational skills bring a corporate mentality to their parenting and a technological agility to their problem-solving.

But sociologists, including Melinda Forthofer of the Institute for Families in Society at the University of South Carolina-Columbia, say there's no evidence Alphas are actually better mothers.

And now an anti-Alpha movement is taking hold. Those moms have it together sometimes. They may forget to send back permission slips or lose track of their turn for team snacks.

Is there something about mommy wars that the media cannot stay away from writing about them? Are they so interesting and integral to what it means to be a mom that it is important to continue to have a dialogue about them? How is creating divisions between moms helpful or valuable to moms who are readers of these media publications?

We can't hide our negative reaction to this article - it's simply ridiculous. Parents have different parenting styles. They make choices based on their own personalities and circumstances. They all love their kids and aim to do only the best for them. Do we really have to assign labels to them and create - yes, create, because frankly, the only place you see them is in the media - these ridiculous conflicts between them?

It certainly makes for great attention-getting - which we're proving by writing about our reactions to this article. And attention is great for business if you're a media outlet. But we have a hard time believing that there are not other interesting angles to write about as they relate to moms.

Weigh in and share your reactions with us. Do you like to read articles like this? Do you relate to these types of debates and mommy wars or are you tired of them?



4 comments so far...

  • My thougts and reactions in no particular order are these:

    -This is so irritating.

    -Parenting is not a contest.

    -Where are the judgemental articles about fatherhood?

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Uhura on 14th January 2008

  • Yes articles like this do label mothers and create categories. But any journalist looking for a story seems to need to do this no matter what the subject, just to have a 'story'. The narrative on any particular topic, whether it be moms or whatever the subject, seems to need to change in the media because that's what is thought to attract readers. Otherwise the perception is there is no story.

    Having said that I think the article itself as well as the way we react to it is a matter of boudries. Anyone can label me or other moms anyway they want. If I don't relate to it and don't take it in as a label on myself, I couldn't care less what they write.

    Also, the way the article describes moms as feeling like they 'have failed' as a mom if their kids don't turn out the way they want - again boundries. Our kids are totally individual beings who will turn out the way they want to turn out. Look at any family where you have the same parents and totally divergent personalities and characters in the kids. We really don't control that much of the outcome with our kids, so let's just enjoy and have fun while we have the little people in our lives ;-)

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by boysmommy on 14th May 2007

  • I think this is such a stupid thing to try and make a fight over - we all try our best and do things in a different way. I think it is important to remember that it's not possible to be perfect at everything and that it's ok to let stuff go, but to start breaking moms up into different camps over it makes no sense.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Nataly on 11th May 2007

  • As a mom getting back to work for the first time out of the house in 4+ years of being a SAHM... I wonder what I'll be able to accomplish after a full day of work and will pat myself on the back for anything I do.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by sherijberi on 11th May 2007