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A Third Gender in the Workplace

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Unfortunately, this is another great article from the bad-workplace-news-for-working-moms series.

Eileen Goodman writes about the fact that moms are consistently penalized in the workplace. The evidence is mounting and unfortunately, undeniable. For example, she highlights a recent study just published by Shelley Correll in the American Journal of Sociology. The study's aim was to determine what types of penalties moms might encounter in the workplace.

From the article:

"Moms were seen as less competent and committed. Moms were half as likely to be hired as childless women or men with or without kids. Moms were offered $11,000 less in starting pay than non-moms. And, just for good measure, they were also judged more harshly for tardiness."

If it weren't true, it would almost be unbelievable.

Have you been penalized at work because you are a mom? Do you feel that you are judged more harshly for being late or having to leave early? Please share your experiences and reactions by posting a comment.


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  • The thing is, I *do* work less now that I'm a mom. I have to be home to relieve the nanny. I will do some email etc after I put the kids to bed, but I'm so tired that I don't work weeknights that much any more. And I don't have as much time on weekends to work as well. There is no penalty per se, but I know I'm not as productive as I was before I had children! Sorry but it is true, at least for me!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by spacegeek on 5th September 2010

  • I am very lucky where I work now. It's a family business and my bosses understand the need to sometimes take time off for taking care of the little one. But I could easily imagine what it would be like at other place where I had worked before where full time or sometimes more then full time hours were expected and sick time or being late was considered the worst offenses.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by MamaLisa on 9th August 2010