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Are Employer Opt-In Programs For Real?

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There's a lot more buzz these days about employers trying to be more family-friendly and flexible in order to keep working moms in the labor force. Some are offering part-time arrangements, telecommuting options, or special on-ramp programs to help moms who have left the workforce opt back in. But Lisa Belkin - who has written much on this subject, including the infamous article titled ''The Opt-Out Revolution,'' which talked about why highly educated women are leaving the workforce - expresses her skepticism that the few trendsetting employers can influence a broader change.

"I have been writing about life and work long enough to know that a change in policy is not the same as real change. I hear regularly from workers who were all but laughed at when they tried to take advantage of a flexible program that was nothing but corporate window dressing. Or who work for a company listed in Working Mother’s “100 Best Companies” but who are at the office nearly every weekend."

We've raised this issue before on Work It, Mom! when Kelly Watson wrote an article about some so-called family friendly employer practices being not more than promises. Tell us what you think - will employers truly become more family-friendly or are you more skeptical about it? How would you rank your employer in terms of flexibility?

We'd love to hear your thoughts on this important issue.

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