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The (Evil) Pressure to Be a Perfect Mom

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Do you try to be a perfect working mom? To do great at work and succeed in your career, to take great care of your kids and family (which includes everything from being there for soccer games and cooking healthy dinners), and to look great, slim, and pretty? We've asked this question in many of our interviews and more often than not the answer is that no, working moms realize that perfection is an undesirable and unreachable goal. But do we truly feel this or do many of us secretly (or not so secretly) try to be and do all?

This article by Regan McMahon is refreshing because the author is a busy working mom who admits that she is not perfect and that she feels the pressure to be so:

"The burden of being a perfect modern American mother is a heavy one. Every time I don't pass the cupcake test -- when a more perfect mom brings homemade cupcakes to a school event to which I could barely manage to haul a package of store-bought -- I feel inadequate."

But she also talks about her own attempts to let go of the perfection burden - brought on, in her opinion, by outdated stereotypes of what an American mom is.

How do you deal with internal or external pressure to do it all and do it all well? How do you choose what to let go and what to focus on? Please share your thoughts and experiences with the rest of us!



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