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Working Moms Are Happier than Moms Who Don't Work

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According to a new study and reported by BBC News, moms who work are significantly happier than stay-at-home moms. Other interesting findings:
  • Having children does not increase the life satisfaction of men (can this be true?)

  • Moms (with partners) who work part-time report the highest job satisfaction (yes, part-time is the ideal many moms are after)
  • Stay-at-home moms get happier when their kids start school (which might suggest that they their life satisfaction increases when they get more time to do things other than just being a mom)

Is this surprising? We don't think so -- being a mom is an amazing experience, but for many of us, it's part of who we are and not all of who we are. Working - full-time, part-time, from home, from an office, however - allows us to explore those other parts of ourselves, which is a good thing.

What do you think? Are you surprised?


2 comments so far...

  • I am conducting research on this right now! My preliminary results are that satisfactiondepends on two key factors: 1) sense of control over schedule and 2) highly satisfying work. I think the finding about part time work and high satisfaction is true so long as the part time work is a real expression of one's self. I am looking for more people to take the survey and will be happy to share full results.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Conspire Coach Jen on 3rd July 2011

  • Not surprised, but finally happy to read something like this. That's what I've been saying. visit my site

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by on 11th March 2008

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