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Going Back to Work After Time Off

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Amidst lots of media buzz on why moms are opting out or opting in to working, this is a refreshing article because it focuses on what it actually takes for moms to find a job after taking time off to take care of kids and family. If you're a mom looking to get back to work you know that it's anything but easy, particularly if you're looking for a part-time job. As Eve Conant points out in the article, referring to her conversation with Leslie Steiner, the editor of the infamous book The Mommy Wars and author of the blog On Balance,

"Moms must be willing to accept full-time work and they must be decisive about returning. It helps to stay in the same field and geographic area and to not take more than 10 years off."

It does seem that to successfully find a job after being home with the kids "moms have to submit their needs as mothers to that of demanding workplaces, they are more likely to succeed." And while this isn't ideal, the good news from this article is that it is possible.

Have you gone back to work after taking time off? Was it difficult to find a job? Please share your experiences by posting a comment!

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