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Working Moms Struggle to Find Peace With Their Choices

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In this article Julie Scelfo interviewed Lucy Kaylin, whose book, The Perfect Stranger: The Truth About Mothers And Nannies has just come out. While the book focuses on the delicate and difficult relationship between working moms and the nannies who take care of their kids, the most interesting parts of the interview with Ms. Kaylin are about the broader issues with which working moms are constantly struggling. We've all made our choices, but rarely are we at pace with them.

She says it all here:

"I could completely wipe clean any concerns that I might have about putting my kids in the care of someone else if I just stayed at home. Well that isn’t a solution because I would feel thwarted and I would feel angry that I couldn’t do some fun, creative work in an office somewhere. Or conversely, I could have avoided this whole issue by not having kids and just be a career woman for the next 30 years. But that wouldn’t be a solution either because I want to have kids, I want to have a family. I think attempting the juggle and attempting to have these two very demanding roles requires a lot of deftly executed, constant adjustments and compromises. And again, accepting that none of it is going to be perfect."


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