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Meditation in the Classroom

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We've heard about the many benefits of meditation for adults: reduced stress, lower blood pressure, greater ability to focus. Now some schools are trying this with students. According to this article, students in dozens of schools around the country are practicing mindfulness techniques this summer.

"Angela Haick, the principal of Piedmont Avenue, said she was inspired to try it after observing a class at a local middle school. 'If we can help children slow down and think,' Dr. Haick said, 'they have the answers within themselves."

What do you think - great idea or should schools be focused on the core academic curriculum instead?

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  • In fact, meditation has to be included within the curriculum.
    Do meditation for 10 minutes early morn makes any trouble for the daily teaching schedule?
    what about having 10 minutes before lunch as well? and even before going home!

    This counts for 30' in a school day.

    Does it change the teaching schedule? Does it hinder the curriculum if we add 30' a day into teaching schedule?

    I hope some principals will start to adopt this criteria soon and research the effects.

    montreal, Quebec

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  • Hi Patricia,

    Perfect timing.

    I have just written an article The One and Only Zen Gift to Give your Children.

    It's here at Work it Mom and on my blog.

    Meditation at school is a perfect balance between study and the child.

    Meditation allows for the children to be still, feel whats going on in their bodies, disconnect from the external stimuli and listen to their own inner wise voice.

    I recently saw the Dalai Lama with my children and his biggest observation around the world today was the restless minds of youth which has lead to suicides and depression.

    I'm all for meditation being taught at school.

    Peace, love and chocolate


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