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Wives Decide Which TV the Husband Can Buy

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When you bought your last TV, who decided which one to get?

According to this article, women are wielding more and more power in terms of deciding which TV the family will buy:

With TVs getting as large as some SUVs and no longer hidden in armoires, wives are putting their foot down when it comes to placing these in their living rooms.

Is this true in your household? Did you stop your husband or significant other from buying that enormous screen TV because it would ruin the living room? (Or perhaps you were the one demanding a bigger screen?)

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  • Interesting. My husband makes the TV decisions not because he's the "male" in the house, but because he's a television engineer. In his field, having an up to date television is like subscribing to a professional journal -- or so it seems. :)

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Daisy on 3rd February 2008