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Stressorexia: A New Type of Eating Disorder for Moms?

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According to experts, there is a new type of eating disorder affecting women in their 20s, 30s, and 40s, many of them moms. It's being called 'stressorexia' -- as women become more stressed, drained, and overwhelmed with juggling work, family, and other responsibilities, they fail to eat properly, which leads to dramatic weight loss.

An article in the Daily Mail points out that stressorexia is different from anorexia:

It is occurring in older, motivated and intelligent women with high expectations.

It is believed that the disorder may often start with a skipped lunch due to work deadlines but can quickly worsen. But these women, who live in a world where the lines between the sexes' traditional roles have been blurred, then begin to feel that food is the only thing they can control.

This is scary stuff.

Do you often skip meals because you're stressed or overwhelmed with the many to-dos? Have you see it affect your weight or your health?




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  • Sorry...I do just the opposite. :-) I much endlessly. Things had been bad for a good four years before I'd had enough. Four months back, I had ballooned to my biggest ever size and hated that...and a lot else.
    So I took stock of my life, made a few tough choices and now, although the weight hasn't come off, I have stopped binging.
    One step at a time, I guess.
    For the record, I've always been plump - from the time I was born. So when I'm not depressed/stressed, I lose weight no matter how much I eat. When things are not going well, I need a new wardrobe! ;-)

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by A Lost Writer on 20th March 2008

  • I have amusingly observed that there are two types of women--those who eat when they are stressed/upset/depressed, and those who don't.

    I fall into the "don't" category. I starve myself when I'm really freaked out. After my twins were born, I lost 40 lbs, which was "great", except that it wasn't....

    I didn't realize that all my beautiful work clothes would no longer fit if I lost
    that much weight. I altered a ton of things, and replaced others...

    That sounds silly, but I really lost more weight than I needed to and was looking quite gaunt and feeling awful most of the time.

    The stress has resolved considerably, and I've gained back about 25 lbs. That's probably 10 more than I'd like to gain--back to losing that ol', usual 10 lbs!

    Now my wardrobe is a bit crazy, because some stuff is borderline too small and some is too big... whatever.

    But wardrobe is really the least of this, despite my somewhat amused focus on it.

    The whole topic is interesting to me--it is one I've thought about alot over the years as my mood and weight have seesawed...

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by spacegeek on 15th March 2008