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The Anguish of a Part-Timer

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Last week we posted a link to a new Pew Research Center study indicating that 60% of working moms wish they could work part time. This article is about the personal experience of one working mom, the author, who gave part-time work a try and found that it made her daily juggle of work and family more difficult. Yes, it's just one perspective, but if you're considering working part-time, it's worth a read.

The point that really resonated was every day of her job feeling like Monday:

"My part-time life felt like a perpetual series of jump-starts and halts, a kind of gas-stop-gas-stop cab ride. I’d work most of the day on Monday, forget all about the office on Tuesday, then spend Wednesday morning regrouping."

Do you work part time? Post a comment and share your experiences!

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