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Single-Sex Public Education: Would You Support It?

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An article in the New York Times highlights the increasing popularity of single-sex public education.

Several studies and books written on the subject have suggested that boys and girls learn differently and benefit from different learning environments. (One somewhat trivial difference, for example, is that boys learn better in cooler rooms with white lights while girls do better when it's warmer and the light is soft yellow.) And while single-sex private schools have long been the norm, some public schools are now creating single sex classrooms as well.

Would you like your kids' school to offer a single-sex classroom option? Do you think that children can benefit from this type of education that caters to their specific needs? Sound off in the comments!

To read the full article, click here. (Warning, it's quite long.)


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  • It sounds like a good concept and like theoretically it might work. The only issue that I have with it is that I had some friends who went to same sex private schools and, boys and girls alike, were complete and total delinquents - much worse than anyone I knew in public schools. I am not sure if it was the same sex thing or the religious thing that made them such delinquents but this definitely makes me question whether or not it would be a good idea.

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