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Men Lag BEHIND Women in Wages in Urban Areas

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It's sad, but we're used to seeing data that shows women lagging behind men in salaries. But according to a new study, this is not the fact for young women living and working in major metropolitan areas in the US.

[The data] shows that women of all educational levels from 21 to 30 living in New York City and working full time made 117 percent of men’s wages, and even more in Dallas, 120 percent.

This is striking, especially when you consider that nationwide, women in this age group make 89 percent of what their male counterparts make.

So why is this the case?

The article suggests several explanations, the main being that "women have been graduating from college in larger numbers than men, and that many of those women seem to be gravitating toward major urban areas."

Is this a trend that's going to continue and perhaps cause women's wages countrywide to be on par with those of men?

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