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A Book For Kids About Mom's Plastic Surgery?

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Apparently enough moms are getting plastic surgery that they need a book to explain it to their kids.

Newsweek has some excerpts from the book, My Beautiful Mommy, if you're interested. 

Work It, Mom! members have sounded off before with their thoughts about plastic surgery, but what do you think about a book like this? 

If you got plastic surgery, would you buy it for your kids to read? Would you discuss your procedure with your kids or keep it to yourself?


3 comments so far...

  • OMG. I'm speechless.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Diane on 1st May 2008

  • I think it's atrocious and wrong. If the book were well-iillustrated (which it's not) or well-written (emphatic NO!) I wouldn't touch it or recommend it to library patrons. The best is the illustration of the surgeon as an overgrown metrosexual Superman. Yikes!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Chrissy Johnson on 26th April 2008

  • I dont think I would buy this book for my child if I got plastic surgery. I would probably discuss my procedure with my child if it was going to be a noticeable change, otherwise no. This is all assuming that I would even ever get plastic surgery...

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by LEMARAIS on 26th April 2008