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Daycare Cuts Risk of Childhood Leukemia

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According to a New York Times article, new studies indicate that kids who spend time in daycare before they were 2 have a lower chance of developing childhood leukemia. The theory is that by being exposed to different germs the immune system gets stronger as it fights them and doesn't ramp up to a point where cells start quickly dividing, potentially causing leukemia or other cancers.

Sanjay Gupta, CNN's health expert, said in his report that while this is the first study to show that daycare might be good for cancer prevention, there have been others that indicated it might help prevent things like diabetes and asthma. It seems it's all about the germs -- getting exposed at an early age to other kids who have tons of them and building up an immune system that can fight them is a very good thing.

If your kids are in daycare -- or were when they were younger -- is this something that makes you feel better about the choice you made to put them there?

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  • My son was in daycare at 8 weeks. The two times that he has gotten sick have been from relatives who were very sick and did not tell us until after they handled the baby. However, I have noticed that his immune system is stronger than ours at this point. We may get sick but he doesn't seem to catch it at all. So maybe there is some truth to this.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by oceans mom on 6th May 2008

  • I just put my baby in daycare last month, aged 13 weeks. I've done a lot of rationalizing, and I'm almost over all the guilt. However, I can't add this to my pile of Reasons Why Daycare Is Good. I think there has to be a LOT of empirical evidence before I put a lot of stock in such studies. This line of work just isn't there for me yet.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Hope on 30th April 2008