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Moms don't want to run major companies - is this a good thing?

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US News and World Report has a cover story called The New Mommy Track and a few related articles about moms juggling work and family. Nothing groundbreaking or new - moms want more flexibility, part-time work is the ideal identified by many, when husbands help life is easier, and companies who work with moms to create a career track that works with their lives win.

But one paragraph caught our attention:

2006 Lifetime Television poll found that the most popular goal among women ages 18 to 29 was to manage their own companies, with 47 percent of respondents choosing it. Yet becoming president of a major corporation was named by only 10 percent of respondents.

Is it a good thing that women don't want to run large companies? If they don't take on these types of leadership roles, will the workplace ever really change and on a bigger scale, what does this do for workplace equality for men and women?

Sounds off with your thoughts!


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  • I suspect women don't want those jobs because they eat you alive, and we're smart enough to see that and be repelled by it. If more women achieved these jobs, would the nature of these jobs change? I wonder how it is in other countries?

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by MaryP on 25th October 2007