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Is The Writing On The Wall For Hillary?

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MSNBC states that the options have dwindled for Sen. Clinton following the Indiana and North Carolina primaries last night.

Sen. Clinton narrowly closed the bid for the Democratic Presidential nomination last night in Indiana when she won by only 2 pts. Barack Obama won North Carolina by 14pts which won him the bulk of the delegates up for grabs. The score now at 1844 and 1695 for Obama and Clinton respectively puts Obama ahead and in a better position to convince the superdelegates that he can take a hit and move past it.

By all the math acrobatics being done this morning by the expers, this score puts Obama in the driver's seat to make a clean sweep towards the 2025 delegates that are needed to clinch the nomination and seemingly makes it virtually impossible for Clinton to get there despite her argument that Obama was a damaged candidate who couldn't get elected due to his inability to connect with blue collar voters. She felt with a win in Indiana and North Carolina that she was in a win-win situation to debate her electability against John McCain in the fall.

Now with all the scandals of Rev. Wright behind him (for now) and Hillary's looming Peter Paul trial pending do you think she's pulled the last rabbit out of her hat in this race for the nomination? Has she expended her last stance trying to pander for votes with the gasoline tax and keep the heat on Sen. Obama's ties to Rev. Wright or Ayers or is it time to see the writing on the wall that the race is over for her and it's time for the concession speech?



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  • I'm really torn--about Hillary herself and how she's conducting her campaign. She's free to run as long as she wants...I mean this is a democracy and it is still a pretty close race. On the other hand, I'm really worried about how this will harm Democrat prospects in November. But I guess you could argue that all the media attention given to Hillary and Barack makes it that much harder for McCain to get it might be perversely a good thing?!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Diane on 13th May 2008

  • NO!!! She should so not give up the fight. Women never quit. Regardless what happens she can hold her head up high and know she didn't give up the fight and she can know she didn't let down her supporters. I am a Hillary supporter 100% she has the skills, knowledge, support and experience to keep the fight going. In my opinion the only reason why her challanger is ahead is because the Republicans already have who they want running for them and they know that Hillary will be a challange not him. So, I believe that even the Republicans are going out and voting for him so that he can win against Hillary and lose against McCain. There is no way that the Democrats will unite. I for one will not vote at all if its not for Hillary. I just strongly believe people are looking to make history not focusing on whats important about improving our country. I can careless about the first women, or first black person in office I want someone to clean up Bush's mess. I honestly feel that Hillary has the power to succeed in office. Knoweledge is the key and she is full of it.. In my eye... THE RIGHT MAN FOR THE JOB IS A WOMAN!!! so keep the boxing gloves on HILLARY!!!! never give up until the fight is over!!!!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Cathy on 12th May 2008