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No limit on vacation time? You've got our attention.

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If there was no limit on your vacation time and no one tracked it, how much would you take?

According to this article, IBM, one of the largest companies in the US, does not track vacation time for its workers. You make an informal arrangement with your boss, let your team members know, and off you go. In theory, you can take all the time you need; what they've found is most people take 3 or 4 weeks of vacation time per year. And yes, this is paid vacation time we're talking about.

Have you ever encountered this at your place of work? Would you prefer this system to a traditional allotted vacation time approach? Do you think having this type of flexibility would be a great improvement to your work-life juggle?

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  • I have encountered it and it is a very good thing. I have a friend who runs her own interior design firm. About 20 employees now, and this is their system, too. People don't take advantage. Everyone knows what work needs to be done, and they make sure it gets done, so that they can take the time off!

    It works for everyone in the company, that is, EXCEPT my girlfriend, the owner. It's her baby, and she mothers it day and night -- but I think that's more choice than necessity, these days! She just loves to be there.

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