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Single or Married Moms: Who Has the Better Deal?

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Babytalk magazine has released the findings of its recent survey about single and married moms. This is a VERY long article with tons of data from respondents, but a few things jumped out at us:
  • The majority of unmarried moms are living or are involved with the biological dad of their children.

  • 64% of unmarried moms wish they were married.
  • Almost 2/3 of unmarried moms say that sometimes it's easier to not have a husband. 55% say that it's easier because they don't have to worry about working on their marriage.
  • 54% of single moms say that people look down on them.
  • 22% of married moms agree that it might be easier to not be married. 76% of those said it would be easier because they would not have to fight over how to best raise their children.
What do you think about these findings?

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  • I was unhappily married once. It was awful. Then I was a singe mother of three. Single was WAY BETTER. And no, I never felt anyone looked down on me. Now I am very happily married. Single is ... still appealing, some days,because single is more straightforward. Yes, there's no one to help with chores and childcare, and every decision is 100% yours -- BUT every decision is yours! You don't have to negotiate, you don't even have to consider. You just do. There's a tremendous freedom in that.

    Let' see... bottom line: for myself, as a woman and individual person, I like the companionship of my marriage. As a mother? I was on my own as a parent for so long (even in my first marriage) that I don't need any parenting support. I* prefer* parenting on my own.

    And so, my husband and I - because he is their step-father, not their biological dad - have worked out a system where I parent mine, he parents his, and we only parent each other's when essential. It works for us!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by MaryP on 19th October 2007

  • I'm a single mom. I don't feel like I am looked down on at all BUT I do feel like people can't seem to wrap their brain around the concept that I am single by design. I actually LIKE being single. I was married. Hated it. I dated. Hated it. Single life? LOVE! IT! People can't seem to understand that but I've never felt like people looked down on me. That could do with the fact that I feel stronger and more confidant as a single woman though. Maybe that confidence shines through. **shrugs** I dunno.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by KathyHowe on 5th September 2007