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Should parents get more time off at work than non-parents?

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(Thanks to Elizabeth over at Career and Kids for highlighting this article.)

You know that as a parent you need to take time off from work for a variety of things, from attending a parent-teacher conference to staying home with your baby when your nanny need a day off or the baby is sick and can't go to daycare. But what about people without kids? Should they be allowed time off from work for their personal obligations?

One of the suggestions mentioned in this article is the idea of universal Paid Time Off in the workplace. Under this policy, any worker, with kids or without, would be allowed to take a certain amount of time off from work without having to explain why they do it. This way, all employees would feel that they are being treated equally and parents wouldn't have to feel any stigma for having to ask for time off to take care of their responsibilities outside of work.

What do you think? Do working parents deserve more time off than employees without kids? Or should everyone be treated the same?

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  • I think working parents may NEED more time off than employees without kids, for various reasons - but I'd balk at saying they "deserve" it, since that sense-of-entitlement thinking makes me uncomfortable. I've been on both sides of the fence with this as an employee, and I think the "universal PTO" option is a good one - my husband's company has it, and it's there for everyone no matter what their family status is.

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