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On-Ramping Programs For Moms

Where do you turn to if you're not a banker, lawyer, or consultant?

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It's no secret that going back to work after taking some time to stay home with your kids is tough.

There have been some hopeful signs that companies are waking up and recognizing that they need to make the on-ramp - as it's frequently called - easier for moms returning back to work and this article highlights a few of these initiatives.

Several of the top business schools in the country have teamed up with large banks, consulting and accounting firms to create special on-ramp programs in which moms get to refresh their professional skills, knowledge and networks. These programs are still few and far between, but any change is good and hopefully more companies will follow.

But here's our question: What about moms who are not accountants, bankers or consultants? Their return to work is no less difficult but we've not seen any mentions of programs or initiatives to help them. If you're not a mid to senior level accounting, consulting, or banking professional, will companies ever pay attention to your on-ramping needs?

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