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Women and Business Trip Safety

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According to a survey conducted at a recent seminar for 500 female business executives, 98% of them said they had their personal safety compromised in some way during the previous 45 days. Wow.

One of the biggest safety issues mentioned by women is having the hotel clerk say their name and room number aloud during check-in. Another one mentioned in the article is being given a room next to the elevator.

The number of women business travelers is growing, driven largely by women business owners – of whom there are now more than 10 million!!! The good news seems to be that companies from hotels to airlines are beginning to pay more attention to the needs of women on the road. American Airlines has improved some of their airport lounges to include playrooms and better bathrooms with private showers.

If you travel for business do you ever feel unsafe? Share your experiences with other moms who travel for business!

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  • I've been traveling extensively for many years now. I'm actually pretty shocked by this study. I don't think i've ever felt unsafe while at the hotel. In fact, many hotels that i frequent know me by my name and I don't mind it. Perhaps I just never thought about somebody addressing me by my name and escorting me to my room as a threat. Perhaps I should have.

    I did notice a significant change in the way hotels evolved with respect to their service. I tend to eat pretty healthy and I work out every day. So I will not stay at a hotel that doesn't have a gym or has terrible food, especially breakfast food. Now, i feel like i have a lot more choices when i travel because most hotels have upgraded their facilities and cater healthier food.

    In terms of airlines, i didn't feel much difference in the way i was treated just because i was a woman. I felt a difference only when a flight attendant knew my frequent flier status. So if i have a platinum status on American, I typically get more respect (at least when checking in).

    But it is interesting to see how travel industry is trying to cater to women's needs. It's about time!

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