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Rethinking the Time Clock

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It’s great to read news about companies doing something real and concrete to help their employees succeed at work while also balancing their work and family life. According to this article, Best Buy has done something pretty remarkable by implementing a program called ROWE – “results-only work environment”. Under this program, no boss has a say in how an employee schedules his or her work time an d can only judge employees on tasks completed – and this is really remarkable – EVEN IF THEY WERE DONE OUTSIDE THE OFFICE.

We feel the need for all capital letters here because if you think about it, this is both innovative and bold. The program now covers about 60% of all employees in the Best Buy corporate offices and due to its success – 35% increase in productivity – the company is beginning to test it at its retail locations as well. This might prove trickier – how do you work with in-store customers without being there? – but Best Buy believes they can do it.

And if peer pressure isn’t enough, Best Buy wants to teach other employers how to implement similar programs; they have spun off a separate company to consult with other Fortune 100 about doing this.

This certainly seems like a move in the right direction and something that can help working moms and dads balance their busy lives a bit better. What do you think?

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