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Sharing Practical Truths, in Child-Size Measures

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This is a really insightful article that all moms with daughters should take a few minutes to read. Lisa Belkin talks about her recent encounters with school-aged girls and what ideas they’ve gotten from their moms – many of whom work – about their own future. The message she heard from these girls over and over is that their moms encouraged them to dream big, work hard, and go for what they want in life. She discovered that very rarely did moms talk to their daughters about the difficulty of pursuing a career while having a family, about the bad days that come along the way, about the tough choices they might have to make.

Her advice is for us, working moms, to share more of the reality with our daughters, to be more honest about the challenges that come along with pursuing your dreams while also balancing being a mom and having a family. She acknowledges that by doing this we run the risk of discouraging our daughters from being extremely ambitious, but she feels not talking to them openly and honestly now might set them up for disappointment and frustration later on.

What do you think? If you have a daughter do you plan on talking to her about the challenges of balancing her dreams, career, and family?

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  • I thought this was a really interesting article. I have an almost 3 year old daughter and I've thought about ways I could both encourage her to believe in herself and her ability to do whatever she wanted but also caution her about the many difficulties that will come along. I know personally I've really struggled to balance my own ambition and career aspirations with being a mom and having a family....

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