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Working moms and lactation regulation

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According to this article, "Last week, in a 5-1 ruling, the highest court here ruled that an Ohio law that bans discrimination against pregnant women does not protect them from punishment for taking unauthorized breaks to use a breast pump after they birth those babies."

The mother at the center of the case was pumping milk for her 5-month old child during a break she didn't formally ask for and was eventually fired for it by her company.

Did your employer make it easy or difficult for you to continue breastfeeding/pumping when you returned to work?

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  • Umm... luckily my company has been supportive so far. But if anyone gave me crap about taking a break to pump for my baby, I'd have to say that it's either I get to split up my lunch hour so I can pump 3 times a day, or you can have my 2-week's notice.

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