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Study: Children of working mothers are less healthy

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According to a British study, children of working mothers are less healthy and fit than those whose moms stay at home. Here are some of the statistics - do you buy them?

They found that five-year-olds whose mothers worked part-time or full-time were more likely to primarily consume sweetened drinks between meals.

They used their computers or watched television for at least two hours a day compared to the children of "stay at home" mothers who spent less than two hours on these activities.

They were also more likely to be driven to school compared to the children of "stay at home" mothers who tended to walk or cycle.



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  • I'll take the points one by one.
    1) Sweetened drinks. At my house, we have 100% juice, milk, water. At the house next door (SAHM) they have mostly soda pop. Even if they're playing here, the kids go over and get a soda because I don't have that here.

    2) Computer/TV time - there is no TV or computer on school nights. Yes, she'll get about 6 hours total from Friday-Sunday but that averages 1 hour a day. Next door, well, I've never been there when the TV WASN'T on.

    3) Driven to school - Nope. We walk to & from school every day (her before/after school care is at the school). Then I walk on to the bus. I don't actually know how my neighbor does this one but most of the SAHMs I know drive their kids to school so they can hurry back home, or not have to take the baby out in the stroller.

    So, in my personal experience doesn't hold water.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Mich on 21st October 2009

  • So, does this account for families with stay at home fathers who also regulate such things or is it solely because the mother works, no matter whether or not the child is home or in daycare? Urgh. Whatever.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Phe on 21st October 2009