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Study: Family obligations still pushing female researchers out of science

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According to the Center for American Progress, family obligations (read, having kids) are still pushing female researchers out of the scientific field.

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  • Or doing away with standard tenure concepts. What is wrong with having someone teach for 10 years, then later go for tenure? Right now a woman's choice is to run through school as quickly as possible, gain tenure and then have a family (assuming that you can--even some adoption agencies are starting to put age limits on hopeful parents), give up on the dream of a family, or accept that essentially, your family time comes second to your work time.
    While competition is useful, I wonder if it isn't also harmful in some cases. How many discoveries that were rushed to market were found to be harmful and had to be pulled? If there wasn't such pressure to get the next thing out there, would they have been tested more thorougly?

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