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  • will my son forgets me bcoz i leave him and go to work he is 3 months old

    Answered on 14th October 2008:

    Hi, I am going through the same thing with my 2 month old. She turned 2 months today, and also had her first does of daycare. I have been so worried, and in tears for the last week over it. I have been worried she would forget me too, or that she would be so sad all day and cry for me, I worry about her safety, about her not being as close with me, which I posted a discussion on a few weeks ago. It is so hard to leave this little baby that we have protected and kept with us for 9 months, and then another 2 for me, and 3 for you. It's hard to share them as well. When I dropped her off today she went to the lady fine, and I called an hour later when I got to work, and then at 9:30 and 12, and then I picked her up at 12:30. Just make sure you trust the caregiver, and that you can call as many times as you want and drop in when you want, that helped me today. I am still nervous and sad, but I was so happy that she did well today! I work a half day tomorrow too, and then starting wed. I go back full time so that will be a hard day too, but I am going to take it one day at a time, and you will be okay as well. I know it's hard, but look at all the responses you got that show you it will be okay, and I got a bunch on my post as well. I will keep you posted if I think of anything else that helped me and Adrianna get through this. When do you have to go back, and are you going back full time?

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