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organizing, massachusetts, plymouth county, norfolk county, real estate sales, home staging
About me:
Busy, busy, busy, juggle, juggle - children's school & social life, wish for time off and time alone, never get it & glad I don't! Love my family, wouldn't change it for..... EVERYTHING!
My interests:
Keeping healthy, helping others, unorganized play time with my kids.
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How I de-stress:
Best advice I've gotten:
How to deal with frustration: "just let it go". How to deal with jerks: "up their ass with class"
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My favorite book:
The Road less traveled.
My favorite movie:
Wizard of Oz

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  • Hi Allamerican. Welcome to Work it, Mom! I loved reading your profile info. You have a great attitude. Your words express a lot of energy, and I guess you need it to run your business. What a fabulous concept (concierge service for parents), by the way. Oh the lucky moms who get to hire you!

    Looking forward to seeing you around the site. Have a great day!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Diane on 28th February 2008

  • Ever so busy you feel like you need an assistant just to manage your day-to-day life? Please visit our website and discover how we have solved that problem. Our unique service caters to busy parents in Massachusetts who occasionally need an extra hand around the house or office to keep things running smoothly.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Allamerican on 27th February 2008