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About me:
I am the Owner and Operator of I recently became a WAHM after many exciting years in the Los Angeles Entertainment industry. First as a singer/actor, and then at Disney/ABC. When I became a mom, all of my ambitions changed. My biggest passion right now is finding ways to help support all the self-employed parents across the country, and educating consumers on the value of purchasing from a self-employed parent. My company was founded on that principle and I believe in what I am trying to accomplish. I stay true to my roots as a musical theatre performer by teaching musical theatre to little girls ages 6-11.
My interests:
I still love to sing and perform. I am a TV nut and that comes from years of working in the executive office of ABC. I am a puzzle junkee (geek) obsessing over crosswords and riddles (the ones that last a few days). I love a good laugh. Just giggling the night away with my family, or a night out with my girlfriends is heaven to me.
My website/blog:
How I de-stress:
a crossword puzzle, sing some music and drink a glass wine. I have wine a little more often now that I am working at home. (Hmmmm) I also make jewelry... just a small business I run on the side, but I do it more for me than to bring in an income. It's the best way to unwind and clear my head. I swear, I've forgiven more people in my life while making jewelry than therapy ever could have done!
Best advice I've gotten:
Sandra Beck from told me NEVER EVER apologize for your kids when conducting business on the phone. So they may yell, or take you away from the phone for a minute, but that is the way it is, and it should not reflect on you as a professional. I loved hearing that, because I really believed her in that moment that if all moms conducted themselves that way, we'd truly be running the country one day very soon (wink).
Adjective to describe me:
Only one? Bubbly.
My favorite book:
This Much I Know is True - by Wally Lamb
My favorite movie:
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

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