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  • What are your hobbies? What would you spend spare time on- if you ever had any? ( not the kids- something for YOU )

    Answered on 25th June 2009:

    Like Lakshmi, I read... and I still find time for it now, even with three kids; when I don't I just feel my insides drying up and withering away. What is difficult to fit in, though, is time outside (as in, beyond our backyard where the kids play). I love just taking off in the local park or fields or woods, walking and discovering as I go. Long hikes, walks, tree climbing, breathing deep, sitting still, appreciating the beauty. I'd do more of that. Right now I get my outside fix by lots and lots of gardening, which I can do while the kids play alongside. I love that, but it's not quite the same as being surrounded by huge trees, "lost" in a new outdoor place.

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  • Do you Twitter?

    Answered on 9th June 2009:

    I do too, just as of a couple of months ago: I think it's a good thing, easy way to send out quick updates and keep up with other moms you know/network with.

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