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My tags:
entrepreneur, education, consultant, work-at-home, gardening, self development, homebased business, landscape design, web seo
About me:
Prior to working at a regular job I was a freelance photographer and had my own shop, but family financial issues caused me to find a more steady income at a regular job. I am still an entrepreneur at heart and I am searching the web to find that ultimate home based business. 2/6/08 Update: I think I have found my ultimate stay at home business. Please wish me luck on this. My biggest goal is to be able to have an automated business that generates passive income on a monthly basis so I can spend more time teaching my children.
My interests:
playing with the children, gardening
My website/blog:
http://bodywrapkits.itworks.net www.body-wrap-kits.com
How I de-stress:
Hang out at the beach, sit on my hammock, take a walk with my children, sleep under a tree on a "hali'i", dance, dance, dance
Best advice I've gotten:
"Incomplete things keep calling you back to the past, so complete them and start moving forward"
Adjective to describe me:
Over Achiever
My favorite book:
The Slight Edge
My favorite movie:
The Holiday :)

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