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children, fun, money, working mother, in love, christian, leader, energetic, exciting, considerate, community figure, first time mother, liberated woman, out-going, popular, attractive, a role model, financial secure
About me:
Native Born Californian Born Sacramento, California the Capitol of the State of California Grew up Upper Middle Class I have one brother whom is in the Military Service active Air Force My mother is a businesswoman and entrepreneur. My father is a veteran of the military service U.S. Army My obligations growing up have been religious as a youth minister for my church home, baptized, confirmed and ministering in the Roman Catholic Church. I want to become a Elementary School Teacher. My studies in College are for Elementary School Teaching Credential. I enjoy working with children and this year became a mother while in College at Sacramento City College. I hope to return in the Fall of next year. While in school I was a Conflict Manager, Youth Attorney, Cheerleader and Dance Team JV and Varsity. I played the instrument in a Marching Band and Concert Band - the clarinet. I also have experience playing the piano; and in ballet. I have numerous friends in Alameda, but have moved to Sacramento where I graduated from Natomas High School with Honors in the 3rd Semester; and studies at Sacramento City College for Teaching. I am now rearing my son known as Jayden Anthony Dwayne Bell. Father Justin D. Bell.
My interests:
Children Home Making Singing Dancing Swimming Horse Back Riding Reading Computers Learning
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How I de-stress:
Swimming Facial Therapy: Stress Mask, Exfoliants, and Moisturers Massages Taking a Beauty Rest Aerobics
Best advice I've gotten:
Take care of your heath and take your baby to the doctor/pediatrics as often as needed and routinely for well baby check ups.
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My favorite book:
Oprah Winfrey - Success
My favorite movie:
The Color Purple

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