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  • Married Working Moms: Did you keep your own name when you got married? Why or why not?

    Answered on 25th March 2008:

    When I got married I legally changed my name to where my maiden name is now my middle name and my married name is my last name( i.e. Brandi Ann Smith to Brandi Smith Jones). I did this mainly for professional reasons but it also came in handy when I was too lazy (like one of the others wrote) to have my DL changed! I’ve been married almost 9 years and I’ve just finally switched to where I no longer go by all 3 names on checks and business cards.

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  • How would you define career success for yourself?

    Answered on 24th March 2008:

    If I am able to provide for my family's needs and haven't compromised my personal integrity to do so.

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