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  • Ok so I still haven't found a work from home "job" at entry level. I don't want to start a business I don't want to sell any products(no offense for those that do). I am not good at that. But I can type very well. I'm looking for a job, to work from

    Answered on 4th September 2008:

    Tim and I owned a corporation where we COULD have paid employees to work from home, but had we done so our liability insurance would have gone SKY HIGH instantly! That's not to mention the Worker's Comp that would have exploded too... The world has just changed with this economy, so small businesses can't absorb that cost now. We have a business with Melaleuca that we own from home, but that's what *WE* wanted. Tim and I don't mind "busting butt", but we didn't want to do it to make some boss richer. Have you worked for a company that LOVED your work ethics? If you call and see if any of the work can be outsourced, and you will sign a waiver to all benefits, sometimes they will do it if they know you well. Another option is if family members own some kind of a business where they need data entry or typing... Secret shopping is fun, but it is NOT good money. We'd have to pay up front for the meal or gas or whatever, do the inspection, mail our receipt in and THEN in 4-6 weeks we'd get our $25 plus the money we spent back....NOT a good return for time invested.... How about baby sitting in your home? Pet Sitting? Lawn care? Ironing? Running errands? Linda/CMAS, BS, RN Melaleuca Executive Director

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  • I am also an RN and I have been a customer at Melaleuca since Jan. 2006. My husband and I are now starting to work this business. I would be grateful for any advise you may have, and how I can use my background as a holistic RN to give insight into the need for families to "change stores".

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  • Hi BizNurse,
    Just wanted to check in with you to see if you could give me a few details about what sort of opportunities you have available. Thanks for your time and I hope your having an awesome day!
    Deb :)

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  • My Fears of introducting myself as a Small Business Owner. I have not gotten over that as yeat but is working on it.

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  • Thank you for reading my blog. Your comment gave some more information as well and that's why I am here to learn and get information from friends as well. Thanks again and have a great day!

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