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  • Hi my name is Michelle, I am a proud parent of a little boy named Jason. I am also a business woman that wants to learn how to grow a succesful business. Let alone juggle both aspects of business and personal. Let alone have sex life when we are tired. I would love to speak to you.

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  • Thanks for the kind words Diane. A couple times I tried to submit an article, but for some reason it does not show in the article section. Your advice and direction will be much appreciated

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  • Hi Jennifer. Welcome to Work it, Mom! Congratulations on the success of your book about Tyler and his adventure. I was just checking it out on Amazon and it sounds like a fantastic book!

    I enjoyed reading your profile, too. You have really hit on an important topic - we all dream that our kids might have success in business, yet they get practically no overt coaching on how to go about it. Hope you will share more insights with us here at Work it, Mom! Perhaps you could pen a member-submitted article to introduce other members to your observations/ideas?

    I'm a moderator here at WIM. Do hope you'll let me know if you have questions/comments about the site. Oh, please feel free to add the URL for your business website to your WIM profile, so that other WIM members can access it easily. Hope you enjoy the site!

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