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children, education, advice, success, teaching, youth, entrepreneurial, young, entrepreneurship, tween, entrepreneur kid book, capitalism, startup, ceo academy, dare to dream, enterprising, bouje publishing
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This is how my professional bio reads: Jennifer Bouani is a speaker, author, entrepreneur and one of the foremost experts in teaching kids business concepts and entrepreneurship. Bouani comes from a family of entrepreneurs. She started working in her dad's business at the young age of 12 years old. In 1995, she graduated Summa Cum Laude from Auburn University with a degree in Computer Engineering. She has been a project manager, business analyst, a business communications professional, a consultant, and a professional speaker. Jennifer has expertise in multiple industries: retail, insurance, automotive, telecommunications, consulting, publishing among others.. Bouani is the author of the Award Winning Book Tyler and His Solve-a-matic Machine and Chairman and CEO of Bouje Publishing, one of the fastest growing independent publishing houses in North America. She mentors parents, educators, community leaders.... on how to empower and prepare kids for tomorrow's world by teaching them how to think creatively by turning what they love to do into business ideas, explore products and services around them, set realistic goals, overcome obstacles and realize their dreams. Her presentations are an extraordinary blend of content rich using breakthrough techniques and high-octane real life experiences and high involvement so that participants learn faster, remember more, and achieve maximum results.
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Traveling, Reading, Writing, Singing, Dancing, Hanging on the Beach, Comedy, Snow Skiing, Cooking, Movies, Painting, Sailing Interests: My Family, Midtown Atlanta, Philosophy, Psychology, Internet stuff, Chocolate, Sushi, Massages, Mediterranean Homes, my iPod, The French Riviera, French Cafes, Film Festivals, Fashion, Entrepreneurs, Capitalism, Libertarians, Wasabi-flavored almonds
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Spend time with my family, Read, Sing, Write.
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Do what you love
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Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand
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When Harry Met Sally

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  • Hi my name is Michelle, I am a proud parent of a little boy named Jason. I am also a business woman that wants to learn how to grow a succesful business. Let alone juggle both aspects of business and personal. Let alone have sex life when we are tired. I would love to speak to you.

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  • Thanks for the kind words Diane. A couple times I tried to submit an article, but for some reason it does not show in the article section. Your advice and direction will be much appreciated

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  • Hi Jennifer. Welcome to Work it, Mom! Congratulations on the success of your book about Tyler and his adventure. I was just checking it out on Amazon and it sounds like a fantastic book!

    I enjoyed reading your profile, too. You have really hit on an important topic - we all dream that our kids might have success in business, yet they get practically no overt coaching on how to go about it. Hope you will share more insights with us here at Work it, Mom! Perhaps you could pen a member-submitted article to introduce other members to your observations/ideas?

    I'm a moderator here at WIM. Do hope you'll let me know if you have questions/comments about the site. Oh, please feel free to add the URL for your business website to your WIM profile, so that other WIM members can access it easily. Hope you enjoy the site!

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