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Carol Fishman Cohen and Vivian Steir Rabin are co-authors of the acclaimed career reentry book Back on the Career Track: A Guide for Stay-at-Home Moms Who Want to Return to Work, and co-founders of, a company providing career reentry programming, events, and information for employers, universities, organizations and for mid-career professionals in all stages of career break. Carol and Vivian have presented their career reentry strategies to over 3,500 people at more than 60 events, both nationally and internationally, since 2006. Their signature event, the Career Relaunch Forum, is an all day return to work conference offered in major suburbs across the country. Both Harvard Business School graduates, Carol a mother of four, and Vivian, a mother of five, returned to the workforce after multi-year career breaks. For more information on Carol and Vivian, Back on the Career Track, and the Career Relaunch Forum, see
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