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  • Do you think it's possible to have a demanding career and spend enough time with your family?

    Answered on 20th November 2007:

    I guess I'm the odd gal out. I don't think it's really possible to have it all. This is my opinion though, and stems from what I feel is enough time with my family. My mom had four kids, no conveniences at all, ran around like a chicken with her head cut off, but all of what she did was for our family. I wish my family could have the quality time I had when I was little. There was no running to organized sports ect., they didn't exist like they do today. We played outside till mom called us for dinner. We had dinner together every single night. I was read a story and tucked in every single night. My mom wasn't on the phone, or the computer, or throwing frozen pizza in the oven. Clearly I am in the minority when it comes to family and career. But I truly wish I could raise my son 30 years ago. It was different, and I think it was better. I know, I'm crazy...but if I could go back there I would. My husband and I both have careers, but honestly they get in the way of many things I wish we could accomplish as a family.

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  • If you're married, has your husband ever considered being a stay-at-home dad?

    Answered on 15th November 2007:

    My husband and I both work from home, so we trade off the stay-at-home duties. We both work very hard, but it is really nice to know one of us is always here. Our ultimate goal is to build my business to the point where he can leave his job, work with me, and have complete flexibility in our schedules. I have great respect for men who choose to stay home. It takes a very secure man to take on that role.

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  • Hello Non Toxic Mom. Welcome to Work It, Mom! I was able to view the first of the three sites you listed. Not sure why, but the other two wouldn't open for me. Anyway, welcome to the WIM! community. With your interest in family health and wellness, I'm sure you have a lot to contribute to our discussions. We have some groups that may be of particular interest to you. The one called Entrepreneur Moms springs to mind. Perhaps you would be interested in starting a new discussion group on the topic of health and wellness at home or something along those lines? Just a thought!

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  • Thank you for leaving a comment on my page! Yes, that would be the dream job, and I'm currently working in order to fulfill it (need the capital in order to 'invest in myself')~~~thanks for the advice! Be Blessed, Tame

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