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About me:
I am married work full time outside the home. I commute to the city everyday. I am the treasurer of our local VFW Ladies Auxiliary. I am very active in my childrens life. I have 2 granddaughters.
My interests:
camping, fishing, read. I love to cook. Spending time with friends
How I de-stress:
read a book
Best advice I've gotten:
be truthful with your employer about your family
Adjective to describe me:
My favorite movie:
Pretty Women

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  • Hey there crazymomof4 - I am a momof4 also but am newly separated and am about to re-enter the workforce (once the kids start school). I have taken the last 11 years to be a sahm and am quite nervous to go back to work. How did you first enter? Did you just job hunt until you found the perfect one or one you loved, did you take the first one offered? Did you go back to school? How did your kids handle it? I would love to pick your brain on this subject and would appreciate any advice you would like to leave me! I would appreciate any inspiration anyone wants to share! thanks!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by jessupmomof4 on 27th July 2008