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  • I work full time four days a week outside the home. I enjoy the rewards of cleaning my house, but also know the time constraints. Do any of you hire someone to clean your house? What do you think about that?

    Answered on 14th July 2008:

    I hired someone to clean our house the week after I got married and we didn't have any children. My husband and I love a clean house but hate cleaning. We both worked and did not want to spend our days off arguing and cleaning. So for over 20 years we have had a house cleaner. The key is you do what's best for your situation. If you choose to spend your money on a house cleaner it's your's a matter of choice and priorities.

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  • Did you always want to have kids?

    Answered on 11th July 2008:

    NO! I never had any desire to have kids which is why my first one wasn't born until 8 years after we were married. I was always pretty selfish and quite frankly didn't think I would make the best mother. I was terrified I would fail.....well 3 boys later (one 14 year old and two 10 year old twins) I must say it's the most rewarding job I've had. I realized I could have it career, my family and my own life. With a good support system it is possible. Yes, you need to work on it but since I've always been a bit selfish I have no guilt in taking time out for myself. I am truly blessed with the most wonderful, happy and well adjusted kids imagineable. Being a career mom, they have great respect for women as well. I've never treated my kids as little babies, nor put on any airs....I'm just me with them and we all love it.

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  • Hi CreditMom. I'm a moderator here at Work it, Mom! We are glad you’re here. Welcome! Love your site. Enjoyed that last post on Facebook...will forward that one to my husband. Anyway, have a great day!

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