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  • If you run your own business, how did you come up with the idea for it?

    Answered on 1st November 2007:

    I actually thought I was going to be an engineer but discovered choreography in college. My parents raised us (sister and I) to be well-informed, outspoken, socially responsible and this way of sharing opinions and ideas with movement/music/writing/theater completely changed the way I saw my potential to be an integral part of the social fabric (or at least to feel that way) In many respects my work with my company (dance) is about sharing ideas and experiences and trying to find ways to allow others to do the same. I firmly believe that there are not enough spaces where we feel important or valued and for those unfamiliar with more contemporary post-modern dance it might seem ridiculous to do it with a dance company, but then you have to get to the point of understanding,as I did, the incredible potential that art has to shape social and somtimes political discourse. I knew that I didn't want to spend my performing life being a dancer for someone else because I had clear ideas about how I wanted to work; so the company was born. we have only been incorporated for a year and are in the midst of doing a strategic plan for an institute that serves the broader mission of the company outside of performances.... along the way I have been asking myself the same questions. What do you REALLY want to be doing? why do you care? why should anyone else care? what are you afraid of? how can it happen? the answers change from time to time and I think I'll be checking in on myself with those questions for a long time... it can be intimidating and exhausting to have the continuous responsibility for generating your own income....

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  • With Halloween candy everywhere, how strict are you about your kids' sugar consumption?

    Answered on 1st November 2007:

    I try not to limit on the actual day. I have found (last year beign my only real experience) that she eventually stops and crashes and the sugar hype is balanced by the emotional exhaustion of the whole holiday. For the week following, I let her pick 2 pieces per day (we have to be careful because her teeth are VERY weak). thereafter, she seems to lose interest and if the bag is out of sight, it only comes up once in a while.... we still have a half-ful bag from last year which I gave to my students (college-age)

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  • Hi, Dancinmama,
    I am the co-founder of Work It, Mom! and wanted to welcome you to our community. Your work sounds fascinating - what type of dance do you perform and teach? I look forward to learning more about you - if you have any questions about the site, please let me know.

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