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  • What is the importance of naming a son after his father (i.e. "Junior")? I just don't get it. My husband and I do not agree on this issue.

    Answered on 29th June 2008:

    My husband is a 'junior' and we had this discussion before we even got married. He very much wanted to continue on with a 'third' if we ever had a son. I absolutely refused. It's difficult enough with two 'Rons' in the family, and I feel that the poor kid would never have an identity of his own. Although with 3 girls it hasn't (yet?) been an immediate issue, my husband has given in and none of the girls would have been a 'third' if they'd been a boy. I know that deep down he's disappointed - both that we haven't had a boy (although he would never admit that - he adores his girls) and that even if we did, he wouldn't be honoring his father by passing his father's name on. My feeling is - his father would be honored for about 5 minutes. The baby would be stuck with 'someone else's' name for his whole lifetime...

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  • How long was your maternity leave and was it paid?

    Answered on 26th January 2008:

    With my first 2 pregnancies, I was able to take off 12 weeks through FMLA. I had enough sick/vacation time in my bank to take the first 2 months off paid and then the last one was unpaid both times. With my 3rd pregnancy (different job), I had 5 weeks of disability pay (60% of my regular pay) and they gave me an extra 7 weeks of unpaid leave - but I was responsible for paying my own health insurance premiums while off (over $700/month for a family). It was quite a struggle and I ended up not going back to that job after my leave was over.

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  • Hi, Deb,

    I am the co-founder of Work It, Mom! and just wanted to say welcome. I look forward to learning more about you and reading some of your articles, posts, and notes! (I love the photo in your profile!!!)

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