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  • Hi Daine- My grandma was a great gardener, but I never really got the hang of it until I moved from Florida to North Carolina. I always thought I had a black thumb- until now ;) Have a great weeked!!

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  • hello diane, thanks for the welcome (i'm a bit late!) good luck with the potty training

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by ancgan on 27th February 2008

  • Thanks for the nice welcome. I am looking forward to meeting alot of ladies.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by crazymomof04 on 27th February 2008

  • Thank you so much for the tips and the nice welcome. I fixed the link problem. Oh, and thank you for telling about the frugal mom group. I am on my way there now.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by 1stopmom on 26th February 2008

  • Hello Diane! I wanted to thank you for our very first welcome to Work It, Mom! And a very nice warm welcome it was. Thanks for your kinds words about our site, VickyandJen.com. I see that you do animal rescue work - awesome! We need more people like you :-) We just rescued a beagle/retriever mix from the shelter two days ago. My son (6 yrs) old has been saving $ for a year to buy a friend for our 12 year old beagle. He said it was the greatest day ever and that our new pup makes his heart cry! How expressive (and sweet) is that? It makes the puddles in the house worth it! Very nice to meet you and thanks again for checking out our site and saying hello! Vicky

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by VickyandJen.com on 25th February 2008

  • Hi! Thanks for the invite - I'm quite new to this site and really looking forward to making the most of it and meeting new friends. :)

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  • Thank you for the comment. So, how do you like the Work It, Mom! Network? It seems to be alright. I just haven't went thru it yet. Thanks! Tarheels

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by tarheels on 22nd February 2008

  • Hey there! This is such a cool site!!! I've been looking for a place lke this for a LONG time! So I see you foster and have a toddler - you go girl! I used to foster but somethings had to "give" and unfortunatley that was one of them. I planned to foster again, however, there are some ridiculous legal issues here in my state that prevent that!

    Nice to meet you!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by bgrace75 on 22nd February 2008

  • Hi Diane,
    Thanks for leaving those links for me!!! It will help me become familiar with the site.! Thank you

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by BK on 21st February 2008

  • Hi Diane. Thanks for getting in touch. I am fairly new at Tai Chi and I do take it at a studio with a teacher. I would probably recommend doing it this way because if you are not doing the stretches and poses correctly, you could hurt yourself. Keep up the good work with the dog rescue. It is a very admirable accomplishment.
    Regards, LeMarais

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by LEMARAIS on 16th February 2008

  • Thanks for the welcome, Diane. I'm having a good time so far on the site. Please stop by and take a look at Savvy Source. Hopefully you'll find something there to help you with your preschool search.


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  • Thanks for the welcome and the kind words. It's been a tough week. On top of everything my husband is gone this week so it's just me and them - or me against them as it seems most of the time. It'll get better, it always does. Thanks for the suggestions of some groups to join. I will check them out!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by jformanski on 14th February 2008