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  • Did you feed your baby stage 3 baby food (from a jar)? Or did you just start feeding him/her solid foods?

    Answered on 10th July 2011:

    We actually never used baby food from a jar, we just smashed up whatever we were eating. I think we tried baby food for her once and she spat it out and wiped her tongue off . We now have a preschooler who loves flavor, spice and a vast array of foods. She still just eats whatever we are eating, I don't have the time to create special meals for her.

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  • Are you planning to watch the inauguration?

    Answered on 19th January 2009:

    No. I am going to be pretending it isn't happening. Every time I think of him I wonder if the people who voted for him know how to read and research. Did anyone bother to look at what he stands for? During the election seasons I had a button that summed everything up very well: We're Screwed '08

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  • Good morning, or afternoon! lol! How are things going with you? Just thought I would stop by and say hello!!! Take care. Talk to you soon.

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  • Hi DiannC. Congratulations on your little baby, Jordynn. She is beautiful. Sorry you are feeling so worn out. Man, you have a heavy workload for a woman with a little baby! Hope we here at Work it, Mom! can all give you the support you are so in need of. I'm a moderator for the site, so just yell if you need anything. :)

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