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I am currently workign at a great place, longer hours than I would like but hopefully that wont last forever! I was a single mom working at a gold mine in Nevada. The company I worked for was horrible and even though my child was breech and I was going in and out of labor for 2 weeks, they would not get me an office in town (I was at the mine 50 miles out of town) and I had to go back to work after a C-section at 5 weeks (I did not qualify for FMLA yet, didnt have my vacation yet and couldnt afford to take LWOP). So I went back to work, cried everyday, was in immense pain and pumped. I kept on pumping even while going away for a week for work. I then moved with my fiance and got a job with the State of Montana. Awesome place to work! Very supportive for pumping and being a mom. I did have some interesting pumping experiences as I had to work in the field but I kept at it! It was the best thing for my baby but it also allowed me to feel connected and like a mom even though I couldnt be there all the time for my son!

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