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photography, design oriented, passion for art in any form, acting, dancing, voice over is my dream career
About me:
I graduated from U.C. Davis with a B.S. in design with an emphasis on textiles. Started out as a Drama Major and then switched to Design. Have also worked in Marketing, customer service, the fashion industry and hospitality industry. I am currently expecting my first child and am doing research for jobs from work. I welcome any ideas that you may have or suggestions on sites that you trust for finding this type of work.
My interests:
volunteer at a homeless shelter, dancing, spending time with my 4 year old nephew, sight seeing
How I de-stress:
I turn on some nice smelling candles and lie down to take a few deep breaths. If the weather is permitting my first choice is to go for a swim.
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My favorite movie:
Cinema Paradiso, The Usual Suspects

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