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business, internet, ecommerce
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Erin's career life includes a broad business and social skills background, as well as being a successful G-Coach and mentor at Girls with Goals, which she founded in 2002. As a G-coach, she helps to recreate people's lives into successes and uses her business skills to enlarge the goals of business ownership and business growth for her clients. Erin offers all this experience and knowledge to help stay-at-home moms, executives and individuals from all walks of life to become more successful in both their personal and business lives. Erin believes that everyone has a talent and that we should be living as a partner in that gift. As a G-Coach, Erin approaches the work on a cognitive-behavioral level. She believes that each one of us should live on a conscious level by using our own unique talents to enable us to live life to its fullest. Erin encourages her clients to move forward in a life of conscious choices and goals realized. Erin helps her clients to recreate the life they currently live into the life they were meant to live
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Family, Friends,Reading, Business research, Community Building.
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rest on a hammock
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Take time for yourself
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The English Patient

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