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  • I am in the process of getting a divorce and am having a hard time finding a decent job. Before my son was born (12 years ago) I had a career path in a very specialized field but we have moved away. I don't want to leave my son to get back into my

    Answered on 25th July 2008:

    NETWORKING!!!! I have found myself working a few jobs that I would have never dreamed of, if it hadn't been for networking. It is amazing how a referal can land you somewhere that you never would have expected. I went from Social Work to underwriting Insurance. Get referals from your former employers. Generally, insurance underwriting requires a degree in a math field, but because of who I knew, and great refereces as being a good employee (even as an educated Social Worker),that landed me in a great a career - that paid more than twice what I was making in Social Work (and MUCH less stress)!! If it were my "before children" days, I would leave my advice at just that. However, I have recently started working at home as an Independent Consultant for a product called Scentsy - they are pottery warmers with a 25watt light bulb that melt wax to just above room and body temperature. They are a HIT and the company is currently growing at 500%. In just 8 months, I have found myself at a Director level, with 74 consultants under me, and making fulltime (insurance underwriting money) from home - working part time. I actually plan on making 3x my current salary by my one year anniversary with this company!! I am not saying that this IS IT for you, but I just had to mention it with the opportunity that I know that exists out there. I know that not all "GRAND successes" are true for all direct marketing companies, and you do have to be involved in something that you LOVE, but you also have to sign on with the right company at the right time - when it is a few years established and in a growth period. I am sure that there are many more companies like mine that offer similar opportunities. However, if you would like to check Scentsy out, please visit my website at My suggestion would be to get going with a full time job, and then start with an at home job that requires little to no upfront money - and then work the at home job SMART (sign up under a GOOD mentor/consultant/sponsor), and you may be able to loose the full time work, and become your own boss and experience financial freedom, like you never dreamed before!! Regardless of how you feel about the Products that I sell, you can contact me through my website. I would be happy to talk to you about ground level work at home opportunites. Also, I have quite a few connections in the work at home world, where I may have a resource or two who could help you out!! Blessings to you & you WILL get through this!!! JodiA

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  • Problem-- I have tried to work a home business for years. My husband has not been supportive... And now is complaining because I have never made any money.. Do I quit even trying or ...

    Answered on 21st July 2008:

    Please review my profile and read my article on finding the right Direct Sales Business for you. I am currently mentoring 70+ women on building thier own at home business. I don't blame your hubby for wanting you to quit, when he does not see your efforts rewarded in your paycheck. I have done ALOT of research on what companies people should choose,and I believe that when you are starting a business, you should go for a fairly new company who is currently in a growth period. There are a lot of options out there!! Maybe you just need to find the right one for you , and then GO FOR IT ALL THE WAY. That is what I did and I am LOVING what I do - and making way more money that I work for, or even ever expected. If you would like to chat, I would be happy to help you. Just go ahead and contact me through this site, or you can go to my website, and contact me that way. YOU CAN MAKE A HOME BUISNESS WORK, AND WORK WELL FOR YOU!!!! JodiA

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  • Try comfortable shoes whch are made for womne in the office. Our message is to spread the importance of foot health to women in the office. Enjoy styles to adore.

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  • Have a great time at your annual convention!

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  • Welcome JodiA! It’s great to meet you. I’m a moderator for Work it, Mom! If you ever have comments or questions about the site, just let me know. Have a wonderful day!

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  • I am so excited you are here on Work It Mom! I am even more excited that you are joining us for WAHM 2008!

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